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  • FI 941032403 AsaArtwork Featured

    New app: Zillidrone groovebox

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  • Beathawk for iPad

    iPad Music App of the month – January 2015

    This year we bring back iPad Music App of the month nomination. Each month we choose one best app from those that arrived to the AppStore during the month. And this month the winner is UVI Beathawk – which is easy-to-use MPC-style beat machine with …

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  • FI 952549036 AsaArtwork Featured

    Roland Sound Canvas for iOS – Launch price for limited time

    New app from Roland is here. It is iOS version of their Sound Canvas line (which is General midi sound module). It also plays soundbanks in SMF format. And comes with set of effects on board.

    SOUND Canvas for iOS

    by Roland Corporation

    • Rating

    • Premiere


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    •   $14.99 QR code
    • Platform

      iOS (Universal)

    • Version

      1.0.1 ⋅ 36 MB

    • Additional


    SOUND Canvas for iOS

    * * * Launch celebration sale! - Limited-time special price on SOUND Canvas for iOS. ( until Feb 10, 2015 ) * * *

    The good old sound module "SOUND Canvas" has come back for iPhone and iPad!

    SOUND Canvas for iOS is the software synthesizer built-in SMF *1 player.
    It is based on Roland GS standard that has been de fact standard sound source,
    "SOUND Canvas" of Roland Desk Top Music (DTM).

    It is compatible with the sound for "GS","GM2", and "GM".
    It includes Reverb, Chorus, Delay, and 2 Band EQ, plus 64 types of insertion effects *2.

    In addition, it plays SMF for "SC-88Pro" and "SC-8820". *3

    You can enjoy the old data created by SOUND Canvas series and a variety of GS
    data on the market from Roland with high quality sound.

    *1: SMF:Standard MIDI File with extension ".mid".
    *2: This utility canNOT edit the tone nor insertion effect.
    *3: Subtle nuance of Tone color, Volume balance, trigger timing of note on may vary depending on the data.

    [ Features ]
    -Two types of graphical user interface: “Sound Canvas skin” for music data creation and “Player skin” for practicing with instruments or karaoke application.

    - High quality MIDI file sounds by its 1,600 tones and 63 factory drum presets.

    - Convenient functions:"LOOP" mode to repeat your specifying region, "SONG LIST PLAY" to play sequentially plural songs, and more multifunction.

    - MIDI interface (separately sold) connection enables to receive MIDI data from the external devices to play sounds.

    - Available with a music application compatible for the Core MIDI.

    - Requires iOS : 8.1 or later
    - Works on : iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPad Air or later, iPad mini2 or later

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  • FI 921970043 AsaArtwork Featured

    DFX – Digital Multi-FX

    New FX app arrives with lots of different effects on board: delays, reverbs, distortions etc.

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  • FI 959929582 AsaArtwork Featured

    FM4 Lite – minor brother of FM4 arrives

    FM4 nice and pretty simple (in a good sense) for FM synths app now has lite version which is free in the appstore.

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  • ipad music apps

    Rock drum machine updated to v. 2

    Rock drum machine app (the name speak for itself) was updated with new sounds, rhythms and grooves, brand new song mode. If you are playing bass or guitar and need drum machine that would play drums part – this is the app you were looking …

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