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  • FI 1292510609 AsaArtwork Featured

    Kauldron – new synth from Yonac


    by Yonac Inc.

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    • Version

      1.0 ⋅ 36 MB

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    Kauldron is our warmest sounding, punchiest synth yet! A completely new modeling technology, combined with carefully designed features help you create aggressive synth sounds full of rich analog textures with the fewest knob tweaks. The result is a pure, head-on tone that requires little or no FX or post-production to sound big.

    Kauldron pushes every available iOS technology to the max: it is not only fully universal (you can run it natively on your iPad and iPhone), but also an Audio Unit plugin. In fact, it is one of the first fullscreen AUv3 plugins for iOS: with iOS 11 and a compatible DAW, you can enjoy all the great Kauldron features on a nice, big spread.

    Kauldron debuts the next generation of our Artificial Intelligence preset creation system, SPAWN². Completely reimagining the groundbreaking SPAWN algorithms in our hugely popular Magellan, the new SPAWN² gives you unprecedented control over generating presets. In the expert mode, you can accomplish anything from subtle ‘variations on a theme’ to bold new sounds. In the basic mode, where Kauldron does all the thinking, you get preset after usable preset with just a touch. This is not simple randomization: it is the power of machine learning put to benevolent use!

    Kauldron is designed with modulation and fine dynamic control in mind. The two fully-featured LFOs and the mod envelope combine with a wide variety of MIDI learnable controls to manipulate multiple parameters. Everything is easily set up in a clearly laid out ‘mod matrix.’ The dual XY-pads can be used for controlling modulation or a wide range of synth parameters. MIDI aftertouch can be routed via the matrix for even greater control over expression and tonality.

    Powerful arp with both live & program modes; comprehensive MIDI features with effortless MIDI learn; over 900 presets; recording, sharing, IAA, Audiobus 3, Ableton Link — these are just some of the features brewing inside Yonac’s Kauldron.

    Selected Specs


    • 3 analog modeling oscillators w/ multiple waveforms & true PWM
    • FM via Osc 2
    • Maximizer module with drift, spread & voice count for huge, stereophonic all-synth sounds
    • New vAnalog filter design w/ ‘dirt’ overload for even warmer, harmonically complex tones
    • Dedicated filter ADSR envelope
    • Filter tracking, contour & more
    • Pink/white noise generator
    • Osc. phase reset & sync
    • Retro & modern glide algorithms
    • Virtual VCA envelope with 2 attack types
    • Poly/mono operation
    • Legato mode for buttery smooth passages
    • Extensive modulation options via the ‘mod matrix’
    • 2 LFOs w/ BPM sync, keytracking, trigger mode & more
    • Assignable mod envelope
    • 23 mod targets
    • 11 mod controllers, including aftertouch, velocity & keytracking
    • 2 XY-Pads for controlling mod targets or synth parameters
    • Arpeggiator with live & program modes, 11 algorithms, gate, swing, note value, octaving & more
    • Stereo mod effect with chorus & flanger modes
    • BPM-syncable stereo delay
    • Studio quality reverb w/ 7 room types, damping, time & mix
    • 900+ presets in a wide variety of styles & sounds


    • Automatic preset generation via artificial intelligence
    • Generate infinite new, usable presets at the touch of a button
    • Expert mode lets specify Variation & Autonomy for each major synth module
    • 3 unique A.I. algorithms
    • Auto arp programming in any listed scale


    • AUv3 - use as Audio Unit plugin on iPad & iPhone
    • Fullscreen AU mode in compatible DAWs & iOS versions
    • Extensive MIDI: MIDI learn, aftertouch, MIDI CC map save/share, KB mapping, program changes & more
    • Inter-App Audio
    • Audiobus 3
    • Ableton Link


    • Universal
    • Powerful YPAT2 preset management system
    • Classic or ribbon key controller
    • Ribbon controller: Poly aftertouch into Kauldron
    • Ribbon controller: Settable musical key & scale
    • Classic KB: Velocity w/ sensitivity setting
    • Tapedeck: Record, loop & share
    • Metronome
    • Tap BPM

    Supported Systems

    • iOS 10.3 & newer
    • iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, & newer

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  • Fedb90906b8c4305293ff94b28d3b7b8 Pc

    KORG Gadget updated with new gadgets

    What’s New in Version 3.5.0 • Lisbon : A polyphonic synthesizer gadget to create the sound of the future. • Vancouver : A simple sampler gadget that allows you to play preloaded sounds using the keyboard. • DeeMax : Loudness Maximizer “DOTEC-AUDIO DeeMax” is now …

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  • FI 1276650009 AsaArtwork Featured

    SNAP – Reactable Drum Machine

    SNAP - Reactable Drum Machine

    by Reactable Systems SL

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    • Version

      1.0 ⋅ 35 MB

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    SNAP - Reactable Drum Machine

    From music producers to casual users, SNAP will help you create great drum patterns in any musical style, on the fly, with your fingertips.

    SNAP can also help you in the studio, by providing seamless variations of your patterns, under your complete interactive control. Program or load drum patterns, store your favorite variations, and export them to your DAW, all on a continuous and free-flowing loop/fashion.

    SNAP is also a powerful tool for your live sessions, providing you with subtle or radical changes, from sudden drops to ecstatic crescendos, all fully and instantaneously controllable under your fingertips.

    SNAP can communicate with your music apps, drum machines, DAWs and other musical equipment via MIDI OUT and Ableton Link. SNAP’s full integration with Native Instrument’s Maschine Jam, allows it to communicate bidirectionally to become its “drumming brain”. Compatibility with other control devices will be rolled-out progressively.

    SNAP provides:
    - 8 drum voices, each one with its own continuous density controller.
    - 4 different intelligent syncopation/reinforcement algorithms, independently selectable for each drum voice.
    - MIDI IN and OUT integration (Available as an In-App purchase).
    - Ableton Link synchronization support.
    - 8 snapshot slots for storing, recalling and updating drum patterns on the fly.
    -16 specially designed drum kits
    - Sessions and patterns covering different styles to get you started right away.

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  • FI 1292546479 AsaArtwork Featured

    Odessa Sequencer Suite – MIDI AU Package by Bram Bos

    Bram Bos – developer of Ripplemaker, Ruismaker and other cool music apps has released its new app: suite of MIDI Audio Unit Extensions:

    Odessa Sequencer Suite

    by Bram Bos

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    • Premiere


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    • Version

      1.0 ⋅ 2 MB

    • Additional


    Odessa Sequencer Suite

    Odessa is a suite of MIDI sequencers and controllers that lets you explore a new, freeform approach to sequencing and controlling mobile music apps.

    The app contains 6 MIDI Audio Units (a totally new feature in iOS11) in a single package, which can be loaded in compatible MIDI AU hosts (Kymatica AUM is the first host to support it).

    1) Odessa Bassline: a monosequencer based on the popular Troublemaker sequencer. Obviously comes with all the randomization and mutation features. Up to 8 patterns per sequence, with Follow Actions. Transpose using MIDI.

    2) Odessa Rhythm: a euclidean drum sequencer with mutations per instrument and polyrhythms. Comes with configurable key mappings for many popular drum apps.

    3) Odessa X0X: classic TR-styles step sequencer for drum machines. Supports triplets, polyrhythms and mutations per channel. Optionally emulates the exact timing jitter pattern of the legendary TR-808

    4) Odessa LFO: a triple MIDI LFO generator lets you modulate CC parameters of your MIDI instruments. Apply amplitude modulation to each wave for more organic behavior. Optionally syncs to tempo.

    5) Odessa XY: a double XY Controller Pad for generating 4 simultaneous configurable CC controller streams per instance. Also features MOD wheel and PitchBend sliders.

    6) Odessa Arpeggio: adds a MIDI arpeggiator to any of your synths. Offers latch mode, shuffle and automatic tempo synchronization. Turn any incoming MIDI stream into an arpeggio on the fly.

    - these plugins do not run as a standalone app and require a compatible host to work
    - MIDI is not sound. To make sound you'll have to feed the MIDI into a synthesizer or instrument app. Bring your own synths!

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  • FI 1298766877 AsaArtwork Featured

    Senode Graphical Music Sequencer


    by Sebastian Arnold


    Senode - Graphical Step Sequencer

    SENODE is a new music composition app for iPad. It extends the concept of linear step sequencers to a freely connectable graph with an unlimited number of instruments traveling along the edges. The simple "finite state machine" model allows you to create complex polyphonic sequences and play them in real-time!


    The core of Senode is a graph of Nodes connected by Edges. You decide if it behaves like a simple vending machine or a complex pinball game. Each Node triggers a sound when activated, while Edges determine the direction of travel. Instruments are controlled by Emitters which send their Tokens onto the graph. That means, you can compose a generative music piece for a whole orchestra using the graph notation and a couple of Emitters! It gets more interesting if you add random directions or emit multiple Tokens at different time positions.


    You can compose and perform your music live using the intuitive multi-touch interface. The on-screen keyboard helps you to visualize and edit notes assigned to the currently selected Node. Drag and connect Nodes with multiple fingers or use the lasso tool. Activate a sequence by sending Tokens onto the graph. Use your fingers to step through sequences manually or tap the master clock. All synth parameters are accessible from the main panel with multi-touch as well.


    Each Emitter contains a simple but powerful subtractive synthesizer with main OSC (sine, saw, square), sub OSC (sine), 1-pole lowpass filter, stereo reverb and ADSR envelope. Try the demo patches to get inspired!


    Senode is the perfect sequencer for all MIDI-capable apps. If you connect a MIDI interface, you can even control your hardware synths with the app.


    Use the step record function to create new nodes on the fly, either from single notes or with chord detection. For advanced compositions, we recommend to connect a MIDI keyboard via lightning adapter and capture your song ideas as you play.


    Senode is made for live music performance. There are no default "beats" or "bars" and all actions are performed in real time. However, Tokens can be quantized to a master clock (16th resolution) and support catch-up, which means you can hit all functions like a drummer "on the spot" and stay in sync, even if you're too early or a little late. By the way, the really cool stuff will happen if you break free from 4/4 bar schemes, start your sequences on off-beat timings or create crazy polyrhythmic cycles...


    - innovative non-linear graphical sequencer with draggable multi-touch interface
    - integrated polyphonic synthesizer with sine wave, square and saw oscillators, ADSR, filter and reverb
    - unlimited number of steps and directions: cycles, randomized, one-shot - everything possible
    - real-time sequencer control with master clock and catch-up quantization
    - support for single notes or chords with velocity, legato or fixed-length notes
    - chord detection, hold and replace modes
    - transpose and clock divide functions
    - polyphonic traversal with unlimited number of tokens and different instruments on the same graph
    - quickly record nodes or chords via on-screen keybard or MIDI input
    - control other music apps or external gear via MIDI
    - comes with tutorial and example patches that you can instantly play

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  • FI 1279045883 AsaArtwork Featured

    Soundfruuze update brings cool new features


    by Alexey Nadzharov


    'soundfruuze' is an exprerimental live sampler / looper / granular and FFT scrub effect

    It records live the recent 10 seconds of audio and allows you to manipulate it with special controls.
    The interface is divided into five “lanes”, sound is produced by touching the lanes.
    Each lane can be set up to use different effect and has various control parameters mapped to the touch position:


    Most basic lane type. You can control the volume of the resulting sound and smoothness of the position interpolation. Lesser smooth value produces the sound with more high frequencies.


    Another basic playback type. Starts playing from the position in the sound that you selected with touch. Vertical position controls playback speed, horizontal parameter is assignable.

    Granular Freeze

    Allows you to select the sound at some position and use both horizontal and vertical coordinates of touch as 2 independent parameters. You can control volume, playback speed (pitch) and the grain size.

    Granular Scrub

    This type of lane is very similar to granular freeze but it allows to change the position of the grain after its start.

    Granular Stream

    This lane type enables granular playback with random parameters. You can randomise grain position in the selected range, speed, grain size and pan. There is special control for that type lane. The 2-dimensional slider is assignable so you can change 2 parameters for each touch independently.

    FFT Freeze and FFT Scrub

    In both FFT types of lanes another algorithm is used to process sound. In both FFT Freeze and Scrub sound is analyzed with the FFT transform and divided into frames. FFT Freeze allows you to select the frame at the desired sample position and to play it making the sound “freeze” at this point.


    This lane type allows you to make loops / repeat large grains of sound. When you touch a looper lane, a new looper control is created and is kept there until you turn it off with the red ‘close’ button. You can change loop speed, volume, size and position for each loop individually or for all loops on one lane together using additional controls

    FFT Looper

    This type works the same way as basic Looper but allows to change playback speed while keeping the pitch. It uses FFT algorithm for playback allowing constant pitch for any playback speed and the same FFT effects (gate and phase randomisation)

    Each lane has also five effects:
    - Frequency shifter
    - Ring modulation
    - Sample-and-hold (" lo-fi")
    - HP/LP filter
    - Reverb

    Three new lane types: FFT Looper — works the same way as Looper lane but uses FFT algorithm for playback allowing constant pitch for any playback speed and the same FFT effects (gate and phase randomisation). Granular Stream — the same granular-freeze engine …

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