Music production and performance with Ableton Live

Ableton Acceleration Program. Improve your Ableton Live skills with DJ Kiva (ex-Dubspot course designer) and MixMasterWyatt Academy. 50% off for all new courses updated for 2016

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Learn Music Production and Performance

under the guidance of renowned Ableton Certified Trainer and course designer, DJ Kiva

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    SoundPrism Link Edition

    One of my favorite apps – SoundPrism has been released in Ableton Link version. On sale 50% off to celebrate the launch.

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    NS1 – Virtual Analog Synth Audio Unit

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    Live Performance in Ableton Live – FREE Live Webinar

    One of the best Ableton Live performers and teachers I know – DJ Kiva is running free webinar “LIVE PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES with Ableton Live” Sign up for FREE here:

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    DrumPerfect Pro

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    Auria Pro

    Auria Pro is finally here – with MIDI support, new embedded sampler, FabFilter One and Twin 2 synths (Twin sounds amazing), new plugins from FabFilter (Pro-C2 and Pro-Q2) and many other enhancements.

    Auria Pro - Mobile Music Production

    by WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

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    •   $49.99 QR code
    • Platform

      iOS (iPad)

    • Version

      2.03 ⋅ 763 MB

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    Auria Pro - Mobile Music Production

    Auria Pro - Mobile Music Production. Redefined.

    "This is the first mobile mixing (AND recording AND post production) app that I've ever used that is truly professional. Just Wow !" - David Kahne (Grammy winning producer/engineer for Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Stevie Nicks, Sublime, The Bangles, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor)

    •TEC Awards 2012 Nominee•
    •Computer Music Innovation Award•
    •Computer Music Performance Award•
    •Sound on Sound 2013 Awards Nominee•
    •Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award•

    Introducing Auria Pro. The first Digital Audio Workstation designed from the ground up for iPad. With professional-level features like comprehensive MIDI support, built-in sampler player and analog synths, real-time audio warping, AAF import/export, powerful busing, and optional third-party plug-in support from names like PSP, FabFilter, Overloud and Drumagog, Auria Pro clearly sets a new standard for mobile music production.

    "Prepare to be amazed." – Computer Music Magazine

    “...I was immediately convinced that this is the hottest musical app to make it to the iPad so far...” – Recording Magazine

    • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
    • Lyra multi-format sample player with a free downloadable 4GB sample library. Lyra is a true disk streaming sampler, capable of playing multi-GB sample instruments. Supports SFZ, EXS and SF2
    • FabFilter Twin2 and One analog synthesizers included
    • Up to 24 tracks of simultaneous recording when used with compatible audio interfaces (Lightning to USB Camera adapter required)
    • Real-time audio warping using élastique Pro v3, allows audio tracks to be stretched in real time.
    • Powerful audio busing system allows flexible routing of audio between tracks, subgroups and Auxes.
    • Piano roll editor
    • Tempo and Time-signature Tracks
    • Real-time MIDI parameters allow immediate control over MIDI tracks
    • Comprehensive MIDI processing functions
    • Groove quantizing, includes a free set of DNA grooves from Numerical Sound (additional grooves available for purchase).
    • User groove extraction from MIDI and audio tracks
    • Audio quantizing
    • Audio transient to MIDI conversion
    • Transient slicing
    • Project templates
    • Support for external iOS-compatible Hard Drives for project backup
    • 24-bit recording
    • Vintage-inspired ChannelStrip and MasterStrip on every channel by PSPAudioware includes expander, multiband EQ and compressor
    • 64 bit double-precision floating point mixing engine
    • Third party plug-in support via in-app purchase
    • MIDI Sync support with MTC Chase, MIDI Clock and MMC
    • MIDI Remote Control (Mackie MCU and HUI protocol)
    • Supports sample rates of 44.1KHz, 48KHz and 96KHz
    • AAF import and export allows transferring complete sessions between popular DAWs like Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Samplitude and others
    • StereoDelay, StereoChorus, ClassicVerb and Convolution Reverb plugins included
    • 8 Assignable subgroups and 6 aux sends
    • Time Stretching using ZTX technology and élastique Pro v3
    • Real-time audio scrubbing
    • Flexible snapping tools allow snapping to events, cursor, bars, beats and more
    • DropBox, Audiobus, IAA, SoundCloud and Audio Copy/Paste support
    • Track freeze for minimizing CPU usage
    • Full automation support
    • True 100mm faders when used in Portrait Mode
    • Adjustable pan law
    • Auto-punch mode
    • Full delay compensation on all tracks, subgroups, busses and aux sends
    • Adjustable metering modes, including pre or post fader, RMS and peak
    • Sample accurate looping
    • Automatic sample rate conversion

    iPad 4 or later
    iOS 6.0 or later
    USB audio interfaces require Apple Lightning to USB Camera adapter

    Pro Tools is a trademark of Avid, Inc.
    Logic is a trademark of Apple, Inc.
    Nuendo and is a trademark of Steinberg, GmBH
    Samplitude is a trademark of MAGIX.
    AudioCopy and AudioPaste are trademarks of Sonoma Wire Works.
    Mackie is a trademark of LOUD Technologies, Inc.

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