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  • FI 1020197094 AsaArtwork Featured

    Tap Delay

    New effect app from VirSyn

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  • FI 964755325 AsaArtwork Featured

    Audiobus Remote

    New app fro Audiobus developers arrived to the AppStore. Check out the video

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  • ipad music apps

    June 2015 Music App of the Month

    June was amazing month for both music makers and music listeners. Apple finally launch its music streaming services and Beats1 Radio. And this month we took a look at the music listening experience on iOS devices. There are several music streaming apps from SoundCloud and …

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    Cubasis updated with new MiniSampler

    Great news! Cubasis was just updated with new MiniSampler that allows to load your own samples. Also it comes with 5 piano factory instruments from HalionSonic and 16 factory drum kits.

    Cubasis - Music Production System

    by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

    • Rating

    • Premiere


    • Genre


    •   $49.99 QR code
    • Platform

      iOS (iPad)

    • Version

      1.9.5 ⋅ 505 MB

    • Additional


    Cubasis - Music Production System

    Cubasis is Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Record tracks in high-resolution audio quality, and edit your music with the Key and Sample Editors, while the included mixer and audio effects polish your song to perfection. Cubasis comes loaded with three virtual instruments which can be played in real time using the virtual keyboard and drum pads. Cubasis’ projects can be even opened in Cubase under Windows and OS X! Cubasis places touch-intuitive production tools in your hands, opening up a new world of possibilities for your creativity.

    Key features
    • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (depending on the device used)

    • 24 assignable physical inputs and outputs
    • 32-Bit floating point audio engine
    • Audio I/O resolution of up to 24-bit/96 kHz
    • iOS 32- and 64-bit support (depending on the device used)
    • Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 50 ready-to-go presets
    • MicroSonic with over 70 virtual instrument sounds based on HALionSonic and 16 Allen Morgan drum kits
    • MiniSampler with more than 20 instrument sounds to create your own instruments
    • Mixer with 15 effect processors (insert and send effects)
    • Over 550 MIDI and audio loops
    • Virtual keyboard and virtual drum pads
    • Sample Editor and Key Editor
    • Automation
    • MIDI CC, program change, aftertouch support
    • AirPlay, Buetooth and HDMI audio out support
    • Export to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy & email

    • MIDI clock and thru support

    • Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware supported

    • Full Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support
    • Import audio from your iTunes music library or using iTunes filesharing, use AudioPaste or set up a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis

    "Probably the best iPad-based DAW in terms of usability and flexibility, and it links up with Cubase on your desktop, too."
    — MusicTech.net

    "So all in all Cubasis is a hands down victory. Everything supplied here works and works perfectly. If you are a Cubase user and own an iPad, this is simply a no brainer, you have to have it."
    — askaudiomag.com

    Technical support

    48 voices: iPad 2, iPad mini
    128 voices: iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2

    Project export to Cubase requires Cubase 7.5/Pro 8, Cubase Artist 7.5/8, Cubase LE/AI/Elements 8.

    Cubasis project importer extension must be installed and is available at http://www.steinberg.net/cubasisimporter

    Please check the Steinberg End User License Agreement on this website:

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  • Photo 02 04 15 20 11 49

    Groove Machine Mobile updated with AudioCopy and IAA

    Image-Line (developers of FL Studio) updated their Groove Machine Mobile app with long waited features: – Users can now load their own percussion samples (see manual) – AudioCopy/Paste is now supported – Included Inter-App Audio feature

    Groove Machine Mobile

    by Image Line Software

    • Rating

    • Premiere


    • Genre


    •   $9.99 QR code
    • Platform

      iOS (iPad)

    • Version

      1.4.1 ⋅ 89 MB

    • Additional


    Groove Machine Mobile

    Create professional sounding music in just minutes. Or perhaps you just want to lay down a percussion track and play keyboards over the top, you can do that too.

    Online manual: http://www.image-line.com/support/GMMobileHelp/

    About Groove Machine Mobile

    Synthesizer: Load from the extensive library of bass, keys, lead, pad, sfx and synth sounds. The flexible dual-oscillator, wave-shape driven, design with filters, 3 envelopes and LFO architecture will ensure you can create fresh and unique sounds for years to come. Listen to the presets and you will know how powerful the Groove Machine Mobiles synths are.

    Sample Player: Choose from over 20 multi-sampled instruments covering Piano, strings, organ, bass, guitar, flute, harp and more.

    Drums & percussion: Punch out a beat on the 10 drum pads. The velocity-through-position feature will allow you to play with feeling to get the right groove. Layer two samples per-pad for complex sample mash-ups. A comprehensive library of percussion samples is included covering kicks, snares, toms, hats, cymbals, sfx and more.

    Keyboards: Take control over the synthesizers with Groove Machine Mobiles two-tier touch keyboard, perfect for playing chords and melodies. The visual feedback will even help you to learn to play music just by watching the existing projects play.

    Effects: A wide array of modern and classic effects are available including a Bit Crusher (for lo-fi gritty sounds), Flanger & Phaser (to create complex stereo washes and spacey effects), Filters (low, high pass & vowel-voice simulation), Delay (echoes), Reverb (to simulate the sound of large halls through to tight spaces), Panning (so you can spread your sounds across your speakers) and Ring modulation (creating screaming-feedback type sounds).

    Sequencing: After recording a performance Groove Machine Mobile's touch-optimized easy editing features make it a breeze. You can edit in all the musical parts from scratch here too. The Piano-roll allows note entry and step-entry for percussion tracks. Finally, record and edit the movement of almost any knob or control with the Automation editor.

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  • FI 963192812 AsaArtwork Featured

    apeDelay – new spectral delay from ApeSoft

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