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    Borderlands Granular updated to 2.0

    Amazing granuar synth Borderlands was updated to 2.0 with long waited features: Audiobus Sender, Filter, and Receiver support AudioShare import and export Real time audio input recording and granulation Gesture recording and looping for cloud parameters and positions Save and load “scenes” – presets of …

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  • ipad music apps

    TC-11 multitouch synth updated to 2.0

    TC-11 – highly configurable multitouch synth by BeatShape software was recently updated to 2.0 with a set of new features and reduced price (5$ off). This version is a major overhaul of the programming interface, synthesis engine, and patch manager. New features include: • Granular …

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  • iMPC pro for iPad

    iMPC pro review

    Compatible with:  iPad. Requires iOS 7.0 or later Main Features:  64 tracks, 3-band EQ, mute, solo, panning and FX sends on each track, Turbo Duck effect for track fattening and sidechain compression, Flux mode for warping beats in real-time or with automation, 3D-performance mode Price: …

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    Audiomux – stream audio from iOS to Mac

    It is finally here – Audiomux from MidiMux developers. Audiomux allows to stream audio from iPhone or iPad to Mac via standard USB lightening or 30-pin cable.

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    Mutate for iPad

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  • UVI BeatHawk

    UVI BeatHawk review

    Compatible with: iOS 7.0 or later, iPad 2 or newer Main Features: 780Mb sound and instrument library, Pitch and time stretching, ADSR envelope per pad, Audio and MIDI export Price: $4.99 Pros: • Full support for CoreMIDI, Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, Audio Copy and WIST • …

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