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Last day of Xmas sales in AppStore

Today is last day of Christmas sales in AppStore. And here is the list of great apps on sale:

GlitchBreaks (40% off) ( top-10 apps of 2012)

DJay (50% off) 

JamUp Pro XT (50% off)

Audulus (25% off)

Addictive Synth (50% off)

Impactor (40% off)

SampleTank (50% off)

And fantastic KORG apps are still on sale as well:

iMS-20 for 14.99$

iKaossilator for 9.99$

iPolysix for 14.99 ( top-10 apps of 2012)

iElectibe for 9.99$

iElectribe Gorillaz for 9.99$

Enjoy and make music on your iPad 😉

Happy New Year!