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Inter-app audio

Full list of Inter-App Audio compatible apps

Intro to IAA

Inter-App Audio was first introduced in iOS 7.

The idea behind this technology is pretty similar to the concept of VST/AU plugins for Mac/PC. This technology allows to stream music between apps.

You need the host app – your DAW and plugin apps, that can be virtual instruments or audio effects. Host controls plugins with midi messages and receives audio signal from the plugin. Some apps like Amplitube (all versions), Magellan synth, Nave, Alchemy mobile and few others already updated for Inter-App Audio compatibility.

Of course streaming audio between apps is not something new in iOS, there’s Audiobus and less popular but even more powerful Jack. But as Apple engineers are able to change core features of iOS Inter-App audio looks like easier-to-use and I’m sure that the adoption of music apps to this technology would be faster then what we’ve seen with Audiobus.

Thanks for our reader Loran, who collected full list of iOS Apps with Inter-App Audio Support:

iOS Apps with Inter-App Audio (IAA) Support

Hosts (DAWs, Sequencers, etc.)


AudioShare - audio document manager App Store $4.99


Auria (WaveMachine Labs)

Auria - Mobile Music Production App Store $24.99


BeatMaker2 (Intua)

BeatMaker 2 - Audio & Music Production/Composition App Store $9.99


Cubasis (Steinberg)

Cubasis 2 - Mobile Music Creation System App Store $49.99


djay2 (algoriddim GmbH)

djay 2 App Store $4.99


GarageBand (Apple)

GarageBand App Store Free!


Looptical (MooCowMusic)

Looptical App Store $4.99


n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder (n-Track Software)

App Store Free!


MultitrackStudio for iPad (Giel Bremmers)

MultitrackStudio for iPad App Store $29.99


MultiTrack DAW (Harmonicdog)

MultiTrack DAW App Store $9.99


Musk MIDI Player (Dr. Garbers Softwareentwicklung)

Musk MIDI Player App Store $1.99


Tabletop (Retronyms)

Tabletop App Store Free!


Thesys (SugarBytes GmbH)

Thesys App Store $14.99


Drum machines, BeatMaking Apps

Annoydio (Anthony Kitowicz)

Annoydio App Store $1.99


Annoydio jr (Anthony Kitowicz)

Annoydio jr App Store Free!


CTRL Music (8linQ)

App Store Free!


DM1 (Fingerlab)

DM1 - The Drum Machine App Store $4.99


Droboto (Chris Moulios)

App Store Free!


DrumPerfect (Marinus J.G. van de Molengraft)

DrumPerfect App Store $7.99


Earhoof (Psicada)

Earhoof App Store $4.99


FunkBox (Synthetic Bits)

FunkBox Drum Machine App Store $4.99


IAAMetronome (r2r660cc)

App Store Free!


iMPC (Akai Professional)

iMPC App Store $6.99


Musk MIDI Keyboard (Dr. Garbers Softwareentwicklung)

Musk MIDI Keyboard App Store 99¢

SECTOR (Kymatica Jonatan Liljedahl)

SECTOR App Store $6.99

Yamaha TNR-e

TNR-e - US App Store $19.99

Yamaha TNR-i – US

TNR-i - US App Store $19.99

Yamaha Mobile Sequencer

Mobile Music Sequencer - US App Store $15.99

Yamaha Synth Arp & Drum Pad

Synthesizer Arpeggiator & Drum Pad - US App Store Free!


Addictive Synth (VirSyn)

Addictive Synth App Store $6.99

Alchemy Synth Mobile (Camel Audio)

App Store Free!

Arctic ProSynth (One Red Dog Media)

Arctic ProSynth App Store $9.99

Arturia iSEM (Arturia)

iSEM Synthesizer App Store $9.99

bismark bs-16i (Shun Murabayashi)

bismark bs-16i App Store $7.99

Chordion (Olympia Noise Co.)

Chordion : Musical Instrument & MIDI Controller App Store $3.99

CMP Grand Piano (Christian Shoenebeck D.B.A Crudebyte)

CMP Grand Piano App Store $17.99

Cube Synth (VirSyn)Galileo Organ (Yonac)

Cube Synth App Store $9.99

iFretless Bass (Ngo Minh Ngoc)

iFretless Bass App Store $14.99

iFretless Sax (Ngo Minh Ngoc)

iFretless Sax App Store $9.99

iFretless Guitar (Ngo Minh Ngoc)

iFretless Guitar App Store $9.99

iJ Bass HD (Byunghee Choi)

iJ Bass HD App Store $3.99

iMini (Arturia)

iMini Synthesizer App Store $9.99

iStatic (Mutant Piano Software)

iStatic App Store $1.99

iSyn Poly (VirSyn)

iSyn Poly App Store $4.99

iVCS3 (apeSoft)

iVCS3 App Store $14.99

Magellan (Yonac)

Magellan App Store $14.99

MicroTERA (VirSyn)

microTERA App Store $9.99

Musyc Pro (Fingerlab)

Musyc Pro App Store $3.99

Nanologue (Steinberg)

Nanologue App Store Free!

NLog MIDI Synth (TempoRubato)

NLog MIDI Synth App Store $2.99

NLogSynth PRO (TempoRubato)

NLogSynth PRO App Store $9.99

Nave (Waldorf)

Nave App Store $19.99

PPG WaveMapper (Wolfgang Palm)

WaveMapper App Store $19.99

SampleTank (IK Multimedia)

SampleTank App Store $19.99

SoundFont Pro (Azfar Jafri)

SoundFont Pro App Store $9.99

Stria (apeSoft)

Stria App Store $7.99

Synthecaster (Daniel Resnick)

Synthecaster App Store 99¢

Tf7 Synth (Pier Lim)

TF7 Synth App Store Free!

Voice Synth (Qneo)

Voice Synth App Store $9.99

zMors (Sven Braun)

zMors App Store $9.99

Z3TA+ (Cakewalk)

Z3TA+ App Store $19.99




AD 480 free (Thomas Fielder)

AD 480 free - Reverb for Audiobus & Interapp Audio App Store Free!

AD 480 basic (Thomas Fielder)

AD 480 basic -Reverb for Audiobus & Interapp Audio App Store $3.99

AD 480 pro (Thomas Fielder)

AD 480 pro - Reverb for Audiobus & Interapp Audio App Store $14.99

Amplitube (IK Multimedia)

AmpliTube for iPad App Store $19.99

Amplitube Orange (IK Multimedia)

AmpliTube Orange for iPad App Store $14.99

Audio Mastering (iMusicAlbum)

Audio Mastering App Store $12.99

AudioReverb (virSyn)

AudioReverb App Store $6.99

AUFX: Dub (Kymatica Jonatan Liljedahl)

AUFX:Dub App Store $4.99

AUFX:PeakQ (Kymatica Jonatan Liljedahl)

AUFX:PeakQ App Store $4.99

AUFX:Space (Kymatica Jonatan Liljedahl)

AUFX:Space App Store $4.99

BIAS (Positive Grid)

BIAS Amp App Store $19.99

Crystalline – Shimmer Effects Processor (Holderness Media)

Crystalline - Shimmer Reverb Effects Processor App Store $4.99

Echo Pad (Holderness Media Inc)

Echo Pad - Multi Effects Processor App Store $4.99

Effectrix (SugarBytes GmbH)

Effectrix App Store $17.99

Final Touch (Positive Grid)

Final Touch - Audio Mastering and Post Production App Store $19.99

Fiddlicator (Martin Varga)

Fiddlicator App Store Free!

Master FX (iMusicAlbum)

Master FX - Classic effects App Store $6.99

JamUp Pro (Positive Grid Inc)

JamUp Pro App Store $19.99

Stereo Designer – Stereo Shaper and Mid/Side Processor (Holderness Media Inc)

Stereo Designer - Stereo Shaping Processor App Store $4.99

StompBox Free (4pockets)

StompBox Lite App Store $2.99

Swoopster – Fuzz Flanger Effects Processor (Holderness Media Inc)

Swoopster - Fuzz Flanger Effects Processor App Store $4.99

Turnado (SugarBytes GmbH)

Turnado App Store $19.99

UltraPhaser (elephantcandy)

UltraPhaser App Store $5.99

WOW FilterBox (SugarBytes GmbH)

WOW Filterbox App Store $14.99


Video preview of Auria with Inter-App Audio:

Tabletop with Inter App Audio preview: