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Junglator – Drum’n’Bass and Jungle for iPhone

Junglator is a new app for mashing Jungle and Drum’n’Bass samples. It comes with simple interface – buttons to launch drum breaks, buttons to control filters and effects and to launch fx samples like liners, noises, glides etc. The samples for the app sounds great so you can expect to make some nice sounding DnB. Junglator comes with 3 tracks that you can launch while playing with drum breaks. These tracks contains synths and simple drums so layering it with you performance of breaks (you can just drug your finger actoss buttons and you get nice drum break perfectly layered with the track). As developers announced in the app: more tracks to come. Since there’s no customization and integration abilities (no Audiobus, no AudioCopy, no possibilities to add your samples and of course no IAA) this app is more like a sound toy or it can be used to get inspiration and ideas for your own tracks.

PS Though there’s only iPhone version it looks pretty well on the iPad as well.


Junglator App Store Free!

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