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Fiddlewax Pro updated

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Fiddlewax Pro updated to version 1.1
This update adds new low-level features, updated graphics, and fixes a few minor MIDI bugs that were reported out in the wild — the joys of gaining real user insight!

It also transitions Fiddlewax Pro over to being ready for primetime. With the minor kinks ironed out, musicians of all kinds can now have a blast.

What’s News in Fiddlewax Pro 1.1:

* Chord octave control via zoomed keyboard position.
* MIDI channel indication when MIDI output is enabled.
* Improved instrument sample timing.
* Keyboard note hinting preferences (show all note names for learning).
* Updated colors and visual feedback (softer on the eye).
* Extreme BPM range (via +/- for experts from 1-300).
* Sharing of both audio.m4a and MIDI.mid files to iOS file apps.
* Numerous bug fixes

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