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MicSwap Pro Background

MicSwap Pro

Check out one of the best recording apps for iOS.
You know that each mic has it’s own character. And lots of people are getting crazy to find old vintage mic because nothing can compare to that warm sound.
And what this app does is emulation of sound of different types of mics.
Check it out



"MicSwap Turns Your iPhone Into Rock & Roll" - TechCrunch
"Great!" - MacLife - Get one of the most unique recording apps on the App Store. A full mic locker in your pocket. Use for Podcasts, Music, Voiceover etc. Use as an input or effect with other apps (AU, IAA, Audiobus Compatible)

Comes with full tech support!

• A Studio, Mic Modeler & Recorder
• Change the Sound of any Audio
• Connect a Mic or Interface for More Detail and to Use it Live
• Swap Recording Studio Environments
• Adjust the Input Gain
• Live Monitoring
• Color Code your Recordings & Much More!

"Like Instagram For Your Voice" - Forbes

"One of the best recording apps for iOS" - iPadMusic

"If you’re yearning to broaden your sonic palette but don’t happen to have a spare $2K to spend, you’ll like MicSwap Pro a whole lot." - MacLife

"A useful, well-produced app" - Music Radar

Use standalone or with a mic or interface connected for Podcasts, Music, Singing, Karaoke, Memos, Ideas, Voiceover, etc.

Use any external microphone or interface that connects to your iOS device. Live Monitoring. Adjustable Gain. Use it live as you would a vocal or instrument pedal. Use an external mic for high quality low latency recording or live singing or playing.

Record and filter new or pre-existing audio. Choose various microphone emulations, from classic ribbons to modern condensers, and record with the tap of a finger. If you want to tweak the sound, simply swap in another mic for a new sound. Not feeling the studio you’re in? You can easily swap studios from the menu.

For an optimal audio experience, please use headphones.

Universal App. Buy one version and you own it on all iDevices

• All current microphones and studio environments included
• Record using different microphones for different sounds
• Swap mics to change the sound of any pre-existing audio
• Adjust the gain on any microphone
• Edit or trim recordings
• Enable / disable live monitoring
• Audiobus, AU and IAA compatible
• AudioCopy enabled
• Change backgrounds by swapping studio environments
• Color label recordings
• Sort recordings by date, title, duration, mic & color
• Read descriptions of each mic and studio
• Reorder microphones. Put your favorites first.
• Share your recordings and memos

iCloud, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, SMS, Email, Dropbox, Goodgle Drive, Airdrop, etc...
Import/Export audio over USB or WiFi using iTunes File Sharing

iOS 7.0 or later iPhones, iPod touch, All iPads
▪ iOS 10 tested and ready
▪ Check out our new app AudioMaster: For Podcasts and Music
▪ Audio Unit (AU) compatibility added
▪ Enabled Background Play
▪ Almost No Latency
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