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Different drummer updated

One of the most unique iOS drum-apps was updated with new features and sounds:

• MIDI Clock In with Start/Stop
• Commit Progressions without closing Composer
• New Jammer Panel to play-along and perform with DD manually
• Highlights notes of scale in Composer
• Capture button in Automation to reset Return point to current
• Better randomization of Note, Rest and Tie waves
• New Sounds for Jammer and replacing some stock instrument sounds as well as new sound fonts added
• Search feature for Wave List

Different Drummer

by Techné Media

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    4.6.0 ⋅ 78 MB

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Different Drummer

iPhone Note: Some iPad functionality not yet available but will be added in the next few months. The good stuff is in there for a truly mobile Different Drummer experience!

THIS IS NOT MERELY A DRUM APP! IT'S MUCH BETTER. Don't let the name fool you. It's a powerful rhythmic music generator for ANY 8 instruments that works Very Well for drums too. It's also an amazing Midi Controller. This will make you a Different Drummer in the world of same old, same old.

Repeating patterns, non-repeating "patterns", simple or complex, straight or poly, human or robot feel, arpeggios, chord progressions, fills, sequences and much more are at your fingertips in Different Drummer!

Different Drummer is an essential tool for those seeking new beats and sequences but our customers say it best:

Most used app in the toolbox *****
"I have plenty of music apps...synths, DAWs, sequencers, beat boxes, effects, drum machines...you name it, but Different Drummer has been the MOST used of all of them."
by Sattech27

Superb *****
"The most intriguing and deep app in the store. A Must for all musicians."
by Captain Totti - Italy

This is your secret weapon in the quest for innovative beats and music that make sense yet defy the status quo. Different Drummer taps into the primal source of all rhythm—waves. DD puts out multi-track music which is lifelike and primal at times and out of this world at others. It's not a drum synthesizer but a music synthesizer that uses waves to play any sound in amazing ways that vary from electro to dubstep to tribal to classical.

This software was created with music in mind—but in the spirit of discovering what is next in music, not just finding a new way to do the same thing like so many music apps do so well. If you are a pioneer or care about where music is going, this app is for you.

Create dynamic drum parts, saving hours of tedious pattern and loop creation.

It only takes a few minutes before you realize how powerful the DD waves are. Adjust note, rest, tie, panning, beat and dynamics waves for the ultimate range of expression.

You will never exhaust the endless possibilities of Different Drummer and you are guaranteed to discover legit beats that no one has ever heard before.

No matter how many apps you have...not having Different Drummer is just sad. To not possess this musical wonder is committing a Groove Crime!

• 8 Sampler Tracks + Jam-along track with 6-wave Cyclophone Controls plus harmonies
• AudioBus 2 with State Saving, Remote Triggers and Inter-App audio (iOS7) out plus background play
• Stereo audio recording. Export via Audioshare, Drop box or iTunes or AudioCopy or General Pasteboard (to GarageBand for example)
• Ableton Link enabled
• Progression Composer makes it easy to create guide tracks or multi-track arpeggios
• Jammer panel to play along with the music
• Jamlets panel lets you create buttons for live jamming
• Control drum pitches, rests, ties, dynamics, panning and beat value using additive waves
• Instant Capture in case you hear a killer beat you want saved
• Save Wave Presets to Wave Library and share with other users in Community
• 37 Preset Drum styles you can fully mess with
• String Wave Sets together in saved Sequences and share in Community
• Export Wave Sets or Sequences as MIDI Files (via iTunes, Email or Dropbox)
• Over 190 drum and sound FX samples with more added every update
• Add your own 24-bit samples via iTunes (WAV or CAF), AudioPaste or DropBox
• Over 70 musical scales to assign drums or instruments to as well as key
• Channel Volume, Filter, Distortion and Reverb Mixer
• Set Key, Tempo, Swing and Time Signature
• Automation for randomizing and morphing playback
• MIDI Sync Out and In
• Up to 8 Channels of MIDI Out
• Dedicated Wave for any Midi CC
• Core MIDI lets you play other synthesizers and drum machines on your iPad such as Animoog and NLog Pro or external hardware
To hear Different Drummer in action and learn more please go to www.technemedia.com