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Audiobus Remote

New app fro Audiobus developers arrived to the AppStore.
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With Audiobus Remote, transport your Audiobus-compatible music apps’ controls onto a second iPad or iPhone: it’s a second screen for your Audiobus session, powered by Bluetooth LE and Apple's iBeacon technology.

-- Audiobus Remote requires iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5th Generation and newer devices --

Audiobus Remote works great with all 700 Audiobus-compatible apps.

Start Audiobus Remote for the first time, then simply hold it near your other iPad or iPhone running Audiobus: the two devices will pair immediately, and you’ll see the apps running on your Audiobus device appear on Audiobus Remote’s control surface. You will see all the Audiobus Connection Panel controls you’re used to, including app switching, transport and record controls.

Apps can also define Remote Triggers, providing access to app-specific functions within Audiobus Remote. For example:

- Record or toggle individual loops in Loopy HD.
- Trigger drum samples in DM-1.
- Move between presets in Bias FX and JamUp.
- Change presets and adjust effect controls in Holderness Media’s effects apps including Johnny and Caramel.
- Trigger individual sections in Sector, and switch modes.
- Play a mini version of SoundPrism Electro in Audiobus Remote.

All this on a second screen, while you can stay focused in one app on your main device.

Audiobus Remote. More space for play.

Discover apps with Remote Triggers on our compatible apps directory at http://audiob.us/apps

Audiobus Remote requires the Audiobus app and two Bluetooth Low Energy-compatible iOS devices: iPhone 4S, iPad 3 or iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen, and newer.

What others are saying:

"Once again the Audiobus team will change the way many of us make music on our iOS devices." - Tim Webb, discchord.com

"Wow, it's amazing, brilliant job!" - Doug Woods, thesoundtestroom.com

"AB Remote is a killer!" - Jakob Haq
Minor bugfixes.
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