Modular Synthesis with iOS apps

The most advanced iOS synthesis courses. Get the most out of your music apps and develop your own signature sound.

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Digital Marketing Agency for Music company

Some of the music app developers partner with digital marketing agencies and iPadMusic is happy to offer its advertising packages to complement the offer of Digial Agencies.

List of Digital Marketing services:

Hubspot Partner in Cyprus
Hubspot Partner in Moscow
Facebook ads for Hubspot

Apps Review
If you want your app reviewed on the website please send the promo code and (optionally) press release to

Advertising opportunities
We also provide wide range of advertising opportunities on the website. Starting from banners to wider campaign including social media (3K followers on Twitter, 3K likes on Facebook, 5K viewers on Flipboard, 1K+ email list subscribers, 1K+ and nearly 100K views on Youtube channel).

Please email to if you are insterested in advertising on