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  • FI 1060317024 AsaArtwork Featured

    BeatMaker 3 has arrived

    The most powerful music workstation is here. It pushes iOS music production to the next level. And its introductory $20 price is a no-brainer

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  • FI 583976519 AsaArtwork Featured

    Cubasis 2 has arrived – on sale 50% off

    What’s new in Cubasis 2 • A Refreshed User Interface – Enjoy profound usability by straightforward workflows • Real-time Time-Stretch – Tempo match audio loops to your song’s tempo in a snap • Pitch shift with formant correction – Easily change keys of any tracks …

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  • FI 966990643 AsaArtwork Featured

    Modstep update brings AU support and more

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    Auria Pro

    Auria Pro is finally here – with MIDI support, new embedded sampler, FabFilter One and Twin 2 synths (Twin sounds amazing), new plugins from FabFilter (Pro-C2 and Pro-Q2) and many other enhancements.

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  • ipad music apps

    Auria and Auria LE is 50% off

    One of the best DAWs for iPad is currently on sale 50% off. New version of Auria – Auria pro with midi support will be available this spring

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  • wifi audio ipad

    Audreio – uncompressed audio streaming between iOS devices. Wirelessly!

    There are apps that change how we make music. Audiobus, Audioshare, Auria or Cubasis (choose which you prefer). Audreio may become one of such apps. It does one simple thing – it transmits your audio from one iOS device to another wirelessly. It supports Audiobus …

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    iOS music in 2015

    2014 was not revolutionary year for iOS Music as 2013 was. In 2013 we’ve seen great penetration of Audiobus technology and Introduction of Inter-App Audio by Apple. Probably the largest event in 2014 was introduction of KORG new DAW: KORG Gadget and later on KORG Module which was …

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  • ipad music apps

    Auria Pro with long waited MIDI support is coming

    According to Auria users forum the new version of Auria is coming this Spring. Here’s major new features: Full MIDI support (with MIDI sequencer, Piano roll editor, Tempo tracks, groove templates quantize features etc.) MIDI processing functions including Transpose, Fixed Length, Velocity Gain, Fixed Velocity, Delete …

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  • ipad music apps

    Camel Audio is closing its business

    Camel Audio – the company behind wonderful Alchemy Mobile synth has announced that it ceased its operation and gives its customers 6 months to back up products and libraries (IAPs). There are gossips that it was acquired by larger company, most probably Apple. People on …

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  • 2013 11 24 12.00.10

    App of the month – November 2013

    Controlling desktop DAWs from the iPad is nothing new. We’ve seen a lot of apps for this. Some of them simply implementing Mackie control protocol. Others making step forward providing features like creating your own midi surfaces. Apple and Steinberg has their own apps for …

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