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  • ipad music apps

    AUM tips: parallel processing

    Here’s a new video showing how to use send buses for parallel processing (compression, reverb) in AUM:

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  • FI 1017075761 AsaArtwork Featured

    Avid Control arrived

    Control ProTools, Cubase, Logic or other EUCON-compatible DAWs with new app from Avid.

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    Cubasis updated with new MiniSampler

    Great news! Cubasis was just updated with new MiniSampler that allows to load your own samples. Also it comes with 5 piano factory instruments from HalionSonic and 16 factory drum kits.

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  • ipad music apps

    Cubasis on sale

    Cubasis (as well as other Steinberg apps) is on sale for just 29.99$.

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    Image-Line Groove Machine Mobile Review

    Compatible with:  Android 3.2 and up, Windows 8 (FL Studio Groove), iPad 6.0 or later Main Features:  10 drumpads with dual-sample layering, two-tier keyboard optimized for touch, five 2-oscillator synth channels, record automation of almost any parameter, flexible mixer with production & performance effects on …

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  • IMG 0002

    Groove Machine Mobile by Image-Line

    Released around a year ago, Groove Machine by Image-Line, known for one of the most best selling DAWs – FL Studio, was the only serious music app developed for Windows tablets (like MS Surface) and unavailable for iOS. And today Image-Line surprisingly introduced the app …

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  • IMG 0473

    Cubasis update brings new effects

    Cubasis was updated to 1.9 with 2 new effect packs available as IAPs: FX Pack 1: Reverbs & Delays Tape Delay, Stereo Delay, Long Delay, Stereo Width, Non-Linear Reverb, Early Reflections FX Pack 2: Vintage FX Pan & Tremolo, Rotary Speaker, Bit Reduction, TalkBox, Wah …

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  • wifi audio ipad

    Audreio – uncompressed audio streaming between iOS devices. Wirelessly!

    There are apps that change how we make music. Audiobus, Audioshare, Auria or Cubasis (choose which you prefer). Audreio may become one of such apps. It does one simple thing – it transmits your audio from one iOS device to another wirelessly. It supports Audiobus …

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  • Beathawk for iPad

    BeatHawk from UVI – new music production studio for iPad

    Cool new music app from UVI Read full review of BeatHawk features

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    iOS music in 2015

    2014 was not revolutionary year for iOS Music as 2013 was. In 2013 we’ve seen great penetration of Audiobus technology and Introduction of Inter-App Audio by Apple. Probably the largest event in 2014 was introduction of KORG new DAW: KORG Gadget and later on KORG Module which was …

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