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  • MIDI over USB

    Music IO: MIDI over USB

    It is really good to see how three successful developers joined their resources to make a new app. It is not the first app in the Appstore that allows to transmit MIDI over USB, we’ve recently covered MIDI LE app. Music IO was created by …

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  • ipad music apps

    iOS to Mac MIDI over USB

    There are several ways to transmit MIDI data between iPad/iPhone and Mac/PC – MIDI over WiFi, special devices like iConnect MIDI. Some apps recently supported MIDI over Lightning/30-pin USB cable. Thats the one that you use to charge your iDevice. But there were no universal …

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  • FI 481290621 AsaArtwork Featured1

    New Lemur template and interview

    Some news about Liine Lemur app They just posted cool new Lemur Premium Content template which is called SQUA4R-3 – https://liine.net/en/products/lemur/premium/squ4r-3/ And also there’s interview of Antonio Blanca – one of the leading Lemur template developers worldwide – http://twistedtools.com/blog/an-interview-with-antonio-blanca/. Lemur for iOS  

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  • FI 854779961 AsaArtwork Featured1

    B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro

    B-Step Sequencer 2 was updated with lots of cool new features. Here’s what is new in this update: We kept the B-Step 1 base and built a lot of useful stuff on top of that. For the right groove in your set, we have added …

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  • FI 929763039 AsaArtwork Featured1

    Theremini Advanced Software Editor

    Moog released new iPad app (third Moog’s iOS app) for controlling Theremini synth. The app allows you to take full control on Theremini’s presets by changing existing sounds, creating new and share it with others. The app comes with new presets. What is noticeable is …

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  • ipad music apps

    rsTouch pro updated for Reason 8

    Delora software released a new version of rsTouch Pro that contains a number of usability improvements, plus support for the PropellerHead REs released since our last update, including the new Reason 8 Softube amps. Some highlights for this release: 1. Multi-iPad SSL control. You can …

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  • ipad music apps

    TC-Data multitouch controller

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  • 2013 11 24 12.00.10

    App of the month – November 2013

    Controlling desktop DAWs from the iPad is nothing new. We’ve seen a lot of apps for this. Some of them simply implementing Mackie control protocol. Others making step forward providing features like creating your own midi surfaces. Apple and Steinberg has their own apps for …

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  • Ableton Push For Ipad Session View

    Ableton Push for iPad (Lemur template)

    Some time ago Ableton introduced Push – innovative controller for Ableton Live. I was always thinking that it would be cool to have same functionality like devices and presets browser, pads grid with flexible scales, drum sequencing and all other great features of Push on …

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  • iPad midi

    WiFi MIDI: How to connect iPad to PC and Mac

    iPad to PC WiFi MIDI setup In this detailed video is shown how to setup Wireless MIDI connection between iPad midi apps and PC iPad to Mac WiFi MIDI setup Here’s same approach but using Mac instead of PC. As usual on a mac is …

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