Audiobus has arrived

Finally the app that will connect together different music apps appeared in the AppStore.

With Audiobus you can route audio between several apps and record in the mobile DAW.

Now there is limited list of supported apps, including Nlog pro, Soundprism Pro, Rebirth, Loopy HD,  Multitrack DAW and some others. However there are more to come. We’ve heard from developers that best music apps soon will provide support for Audiobus: Auria, Animoog, Beatmaker. 

This app is a leapforward in iOS music production. With midi routing you already can route midi between apps. And with Audiobus you can now route audio and get your final mix in the DAW (like Auria, Beatmaker, Multitrack DAW). And we hope to see more apps to support Audiobus.

Get Audiobus in the AppStore

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