Cubasis and iPolysix through Audiobus and LoopyHD video

Today KORG updated their apps to support Virtual MIDI and Audiobus. So now we can use our favorite DAWs – Cubasis or BeatMaker (they both support midi out and audio tracks) with KORG apps. And thanks to the Audiobus we can record in audio what we play in iPolysix (you can do the same with iMS-20 or any other synths that support MIDI and Audiobus). I recorded video showing how it’s all work together. Try it the same on your iPad!


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    1. Well, as far as get, iPolysix records not audio but midi messages which limits you by the pattern size (4 bars) and also I didn’t find the way to sync MIDI clocks between Cubasis and iPolysix.
      But you can definitely do direct audio recording in other synths like Magellan.
      I’m waiting for Cubasis to support Audiobus (they told that it is in their top-5 features they are going to implement soon).

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