iPad is the right place to write music

I just read the article in –

“Your DAW is amazing. It’s an end-to-end production environment that enables you to create music of professional quality. What’s debatable, though, is whether or not it’s the best place for you to actually write your music, as opposed to ‘producing’ it.”

Modern DAWs are to complex and sometimes technical complexity kills the creativity your need to write music. There are several options on how you can move from your DAW for composition using several other applications.

But I think we have better way to be creative…

iOS music apps are fantastic when you want to find new melody, new sound, new beat idaa. Figure, iKaossilator, SoundPrism, NodeBeat, Garage band with it’s nice Smart instruments, Cubasis with chord pads, GlitchBreaks,… so many apps with different approach to music making. In each app you will make different music. It is much easier to find new creative music idea with these apps than clicking with the mouse in DAW.   

And with Audiobus, Virtual midi and mobile iOS DAWs like Cubasis, BeatMaker, Auria etc. the process of iPad music is becoming much more complete. 

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