Best DAWs for iPad Overview

A lot of people are looking for the answer which iOS DAW is better: Cubasis or Auria, BeatMaker or NanoStudio or may be something else… 

We will go through the most popular iPad DAWs. I don’t want to say here that one DAW is better then the others but I want to help you decide which one better suite your needs.

I asked developers to tell about their unique features, future plans and when they will support Audiobus: we’ve got answers from Auria, Cubasis and FL Studio so far.

See the full overview…

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  1. with regards to side compression, a couple of the fab filter plugins (pro-c & pro-g) show. Ways to use side chaining in their online tutorial videos on FabFilters YouTube channels… Are the methods depicted in these videos possible to perform in Auria with those plugins?

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