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Connect with people and ideas that move you. Get inspired to create. Allihoopa unites everyone doing music together.

Share, remix and collaborate with music makers all over the world. Follow your friends to keep up with what they’re making. Listen, like, collect and comment. Join the Allihoopa community, connecting music pieces, apps and people.

Using Allihoopa is easy!
1. Browse the app for music that inspires you—recordings, beats, samples, songs and ideas created by the community.
2. Listen, like, collect and comment when you find music that grabs you, and follow those who inspire to keep up with what they’re making
3. Use the quick and easy built-in recorder to collaborate on any music you find. Choose a fun effect to sound even better.
4. Pick Up music in a connected music-making app and make your own version—Figure, Take, Soundtrap, Propellerhead Reason, Korg Gadget, Moog Model 15 and many more.
5. Drop your version back to Allihoopa for praise, feedback and to let others continue building on your piece!

Campfire crooner. Beatmaker. Table top drummer. Hymn chanter. Guitar strummer. House DJ. Shower diva. Rap master…

Millions and millions of us are making music everyday, round the clock, all over this planet. Just for the love of it. We have to. It is just in us. Something unique for each of us compels us, something beyond any commercial drive, tool or technology—that pure joy of making, creating, working together.

Allihoopa brings all of us, everyone, together for a free and open exchange of music pieces, ideas and people, all united in “doing music” just for the sake of it. Inviting all ambitions, skills and levels of participation, Allihoopa is the only social network that connects people, music content and music apps. It is a place for “music in the making,” where people from all over the globe come together to exchange ideas, collaborate and encourage each other. At Allihoopa you can freely use anything you find from the growing pool of over one million pieces.

• An open space for sharing music and ideas—now as an app for faster browsing, easier listening and immediate access to the Allihoopa community on your phone
• Find beats, ideas, acoustic tracks and more made by the community for you to build on. Open any piece in an app.
• Record on any music you find right in the app, and choose between effects to sound great, fun or just weird.
• Make and share music in Allihoopa’s Figure and Take apps, Propellerhead Reason, Soundtrap, Korg Gadget, Moog Model 15—more coming!
• Poke around and listen to what the community is making
• Find music on Allihoopa to inspire you
• Follow other Allihoopa users
• Like and comment, give feedback and find like-minded music-makers
• Your music + other makers = something awesome!
Cheerios, Allihoopians! Some nice updates for you this week:

- See the full list of who you follow and who follows you. And stalk your friends and see who they follow too.
- Over the next couple of weeks we'll make some improvements to how the Allihoopa recorder works. The first changes in this release makes the whole flow from picking an effect to dropping your song clearer, and we now make the countdown when you tap record better.

Have feedback on Allihoopa, an idea for what we should work on next, or just want to tell us how amazing we are? Send us message at or tweet us @allihoopa

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