App Reimagines Personalized Music Sharing With Introduction of Peer-to-Peer iTunes Playlist Sharing

Personal Streaming Service younity Introduces Ability To Share iTunes Playlists And Music Albums With Friends

Personal cloud service younity ( today released a new sharing feature that gives users an easy way to share iTunes playlists and albums. There are over 800 million iTunes accounts and over 35 billion iTunes songs downloaded, yet there has never been a simple way for users to share playlists or albums from their personal libraries. With younity’s new music sharing feature, users can allow friends to stream (but not download or re-share) their personal iTunes playlists and whole albums, on-demand.

Erik Caso, co-founder and CEO of younity says, “one of our most popular features gives users the ability to unify iTunes catalogs spread across multiple computers. While iTunes lets people download music purchases across devices, they’ve never enabled users to move playlists around or share them with others. This new release lets people build playlists and enjoy them as a group.”

As with all shared content on younity, shared music files can’t be downloaded or re-shared. younity features a private Snapchat-like functionality, which enables content to be streamed and accessible for a short period of time, before expiring.

To share music, a younity user can simply choose their playlist or album within the younity app, select the “Share” button, add recipient email addresses, and press “Send.” If the receiving party has younity, they’ll get a push notification and  can instantly stream the media. If the receiving party doesn’t have younity on their device, they will be prompted for a quick download.

An additional benefit to the new sharing feature is the new option to set music streaming to the highest quality (for all audio formats accepted by Apple). In the past, younity optimized music streams for speed and to conserve data plans. Now power users with optimal bandwidth can stream their music via younity on Hi-Fi audio systems using bluetooth or airplay without losing quality.

A younity personal cloud now gives people their own private streaming service to:

  • Merge iTunes accounts/libraries, even if spread across multiple computers.
  • Highest high-quality music streaming to any iPhone or iPad
  • Automatically optimize and play music that is incompatible with iOS devices
  • Privately access and share songs, albums and playlists

Forget about syncing devices or computers and just stream on-demand


About younity

younity creates a personal cloud for all your files, built from your devices and your online services. younity unifies all your music, photos and video from all your devices, regardless of storage and without syncing, so that all your devices work as if they were a single device — you can access any file, anytime, from any device. There’s no configuration, management or storage limits — it’s simple to use and free for any amount of data. Created by Entangled Media, younity is based in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit


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