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Music Making on iPad: where to start?

If you are new to music production in iOS you can start with simple and not-expensive apps like Figure, GarageBand and couple of free apps like Alchemy Mobile and Sampletank. To make it all work together you’ll need Audiobus app. This app allows you to route audio between apps. Subscribe to our mail list to win free promo codes and get great offers from our website.

Best Music Apps for iOS

DAWs for iPad

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Best DAWs for iPad


iPad Synths

MIDI apps

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Touch Instruments


Audiobus is essential app for music making that allows you to connect music apps with each other. Combine this with Virtual MIDI (which is built in iOS) and you have a lot of combinations of music apps.

Some of the iPad DAWs like Cubasis, Beatmaker 2 and FL Studio allows to sequence other apps via Virtual MIDI while recording the sound to the audio track.

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