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Price: 50$ + Additional VSTs 10-40$ each or 

Light Edition 25$ + Full Expansion 25$ + Additional VSTs 10-40$ each

First DAW with professional VST support. Auria proved that iPad can be used for professional level mixing and mastering. 

Auria sounds great with plugins from PSP and FabFilter.


  • 48 tracks (24 tracks of simultaneous recording)
  • Classic DAW interface with tracks and regions
  • ChannelStrips and MasterStrip by PSPAudioWare.
  • Full-functional mixer (48 tracks, PAN/AUX, 8 subgroups, Master Channel)
  • Third-party VSTs (in-app store)
  • Audio copy/paste support


Auria is first truly professional DAW for the iPad. In terms of audio quality and features (processing audio, mixing and mastering), nothing else comes close yet. Auria was designed from the ground for iPad and with this app that you don’t need desktop DAW anymore – you can do everything on the iPad.

Recording and processing are what make Auria standout. No other mobile DAWs can record up to 24 channels at once, and Auria offers true VST plugins from plugin makers like PSP and FabFilter. Now there is an impressive list of plugins available in Auria in-app store: FabFilters Micro, Pro-C, Pro-DS, Pro-G, Pro-L, Pro-Q, Saturn, Timeless 2, Volcano 2; WaveMachine’s Classic Verb Pro and Drumagog, PSP’s Echo, MicroWarmer, oldTimer, PianoVerb 2. Plus there are built in Convolution Reverb, Classic Verb, Retune, PSP Channel and Master Strips.

All these effects were ported as is from desktop versions so you can expect same high quality of plugins but for much less price (price per plugin defers from 10$ to 30$ which is 3-5 times cheaper then desktop VSTs). 

Lack of support of virtual instruments is definitely weakness of the app for electronic music production but developers committed to provide support in future releases. 

One of the greatest features of Auria is desktop style implementation of automation. You can automate almost any parameter of plugins. 

Interface and workflow

Classical multitrack DAW interface with tracks, timeline and audio region and high quality plugins and effects make this app great for live recording, arranging and mixing. 

There are two main screens: Mixer and Track Editor.

Mixing console is intuitive and looks similar to desktop DAWs. For better accuracy turn iPad in portrait mode and you’ll get much larger faders.

Multitrack editor is also similar to ProTools/Cubase/Logic approach but it takes some time to get used to gestures to operate with clips. 


  • Import/Export AAF files via iTunes share or Dropbox
  • Audio copy/paste

What key features are you planning to implement in future releases? 

WaveMachine Labs: “AudioBus is coming soon and it will be a very popular addition to Auria. MIDI and Virtual Instruments are on the horizon, and will truly make Auria the one-stop-shop for iPad audio production.”

When do you plan to support Audiobus?

WaveMachine Labs: “Soon – there have been some technical difficulties getting AudioBus to work with an app as robust as Auria, but they’re being solved, and we are planning to add support shortly.”


  • Recording up to 24 tracks
  • Professional level audio processing and mixing
  • Great third-party VST plugins support


  • No midi tracks/virtual midi support
  • Some user interface elements come from desktop interfaces and are not optimized for smaller screens and touch control



Auria - Music Production App Store $24.99

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