Best music apps for iPad in 2011

best music apps for iPad 2011
2011 was the year of music apps for iPad. In 2010 it was still the toy for musicians and this year it became tool for professionals as well as the musical instrument for the rest. With iPad (GarageBand, iKaossilator, iElectribe) you can easily compose music even if you know nothing about music theory. You can receive great sound (with AniMoog or MorphWiz) even if you don’t know what subtractive synthesis is. And if you professional you can compose music on the road while you on a plain. Or control your professional applications on your mac with innovative Lemur (which costed 2000 $ before it came to the iPad).

Here are the best music iPad apps of 2011:

Music app of the year:
1. GarageBand for iPad
2. iKaossilator
3. KORG iMS-20

Best touch instruments apps:
1. GarageBand
2. SoundPrism Pro
3. MorphWiz

Best synthesizer:
1. iMS-20
2. Animoog
3. Sunrizer

Best music studio:
1. GarageBand
2. NanoStudio
3. FL studio

Best pro app:
1. Lemur
2. iMS-20
3. Filtatron

Best electo-music app:
1. iKaossilator
2. iElectribe
3. Loopstatic HD

Best guitar app:
1. AmpliTube
2. StompBox
3. Shredder


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