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LaunchKey – New synth from Novation

Novation didn’t try to create another analog synth they just think of how synth can benefit from the ipad features like multitouch.
Though you cant create your own sounds from scratch it is defifnitely worth trying this synth – it sounds fantastic. By the way it is free…

Description from the AppStore:

Launchkey includes 60 exciting synth sounds for you to use straight away in your performances and productions. 

Launchkey gives you a fast and fun way to play with sound. Change each sound instantly using the interactive and hands on graphics to take your music to new dimensions. Just play a note and start moving things!

Touch it. Move it. Hear it.

Launchkey is an iPad app and is not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.

Launchkey requires iOS5 and above and is recommended for iPad 2, iPad Mini and Retina iPad.

Appstore link