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Tutorial: Composing in Cubasis with Magellan synth and mixing in Auria

It seems that with Cubasis finally we have all the right tools for each stage of producing music on iPad from composition and sound design to arranging and mixing. There are two very important features in Cubasis – external virtual instruments support and mixdown track by track.

Cubasis looks like great tool for composition and arranging and provides great integration abilities: you can create midi track and use external synths like Animoog, Nlog or other ones. 

Today I prepared tutorial on how I use Cubasis with external synth (Magellan), compose short loop and mix it in Auria with all those nice VST’s from Fabfilter, PSP and others. You can do the same with other synths and do really professionally sounding tracks.

Read the tutorial on how to create track with Cubasis with external synth and mix it in Auria