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Robotic Drums

What a day!!! Another great new app.



Drum synth with probability sequencer. Demo video here: http://goo.gl/1E2HIa

Robotic Drums is an analog modeled drum synth coupled with a probability sequencer. This special combination, makes the app suitable for live sound manipulation, sequence experimentation and regular beats. The main highlights for this app are:

- A minimalist interface, with a high emphasis in flow.
- 8 analog modeled synthesized voices.
- A probability sequencer. You control how "random" a sequence is.
- Quantized pattern switching.
- Dropbox support for saving sessions and sharing across devices.
- Audiobus support.
- Midi out messages when voices trigger
- Midi in - Change patterns via note midi messages
- Midi clock sync support.

Some details:


There are 8 analog modeled synthesized voices, each with a noise and an oscillator section. This flexible configuration allows each voice to generate sounds that range from punchy bass drums, to snappy snares, to lo-fi tones, to sound effects and much else in between.


The sequencer for each voice is based on probabilities. A step on a sequence is not just a "switch" but a measure of "how likely is this step to be triggered". This allows for highly dynamic sequences that maintain a certain base, but never sound the same from one pass to another.


Each session can hold 16 patterns. Switching patterns in a live situation is always controlled by a "pattern quantization" parameter, which determines when the pattern switch actually happens. This allows for pattern switches to occur exactly when expected, maintaining the musical flow of a piece.


Sessions can be saved to Dropbox, this allows to share sessions across devices or even to use as an easy method to share patches with the community.

Twitter: @bigrobotstudios
See a video of its features:
- Fixed crash on iOS 8
- Updated to Audiobus 2.1.3
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