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2013 11 24 12.00.10

App of the month – November 2013

Controlling desktop DAWs from the iPad is nothing new. We’ve seen a lot of apps for this. Some of them simply implementing Mackie control protocol. Others making step forward providing features like creating your own midi surfaces. Apple and Steinberg has their own apps for working with Logic and Cubase, Cubase is good for mixing and Logic is for playing too. But there’s no DAW that have so many different dedicated controllers then Ableton Live. 

And app of this month – Touchable 2 put the highest standard of DAW controllers: piano roll clip editor, devices and effects browser, push-like keyboard with flexible scales, graphic eq curves, mixer, x/y pads, custom control layouts and many other features. With Touchable you can do almost everything in Ableton live from the touchscreen: play with Ableton and third party instruments, perform in session view, tweak devices parameters, edit midi clips without watching at the computer screen. 

2013-11-24 12.00.10

What is also great, Touchable 2 is free update for those who have Touchable 1.x. 

Great job, Zerodebug!

Get Touchable 2 – Nov 2013 App of The Month from the AppStore.