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AudioMastering for iPad review

Mastering is the final stage of music production and before now iOS musicians had to use desktop software or create a chain of plugins in Auria to make track mastered. Usualy when doing mastering you may want to make you track louder, add some EQ appropriate to the music style and create stereo width.

AudioMastering app is a simple but yet powerful solution for mastering your tracks right on the iPad.

It consists four processing modules: High-quality linear phase EQ, Harmonic Exciter (Saturator), Stereo Imager and Maximizer. Think of it as iZotope Ozone replacement for iPad. 

Audio Mastering ipad

There are several ways on how you can use this app:

1. Copy track (mixdown file) to the app and process it there

2. Use AudioMastering app as effect in Audiobus (finally we have high quality EQ on the bus, also it is good to add stereo width to your pads so put in in the effects slot after the synth)

3. Use iPad with AudioMastering app as insert effect.  It’s capture audio input, process it and send to output.


AudioMastering comes with linear phase (like mastering EQ on desktop plugins) 10 bands EQ with band solo feature. 


Harmonic Exciter (Saturator)

It comes with three options that add different sets of harmonics to your sound and the saturation amount fader.

Audio mastering saturator ipad

Stereo Imager

This one can make you track wider or thinner. What cool is that it works with three bands (low, mid, high) separately. So you can make you low end sound thicker and wide-spread high frequencies.

stereo imager ipad


Loudness maximizer is the limiter with adjustable speed and celling. With this tool you can make you track sound really loud. 

Maximizer ipad

AudioMastering comes with several out of the box presets so you can easily pick the preset you like or make your own which is easy due to the simple interface. 

To show how this app work I made a short loop in Cubasis, exported it and processed with several presets so you can hear the app in action (also you can see the waveform before and after the processing). 

Original file:

Processed with Rock preset:

Processed with Drum and Bass preset:

Processed with EasyListening preset:


Processed with custom preset:

Audio Mastering - iMusicAlbum