Camel Audio is closing its business

Camel Audio – the company behind wonderful Alchemy Mobile synth has announced that it ceased its operation and gives its customers 6 months to back up products and libraries (IAPs).

There are gossips that it was acquired by larger company, most probably Apple. People on gearslutz tell that they checked SH01 form which shows who holds the companies shares and it was updated today but electronic version is not available yet.

Apple previous large purchase of music software developer was Redmatica and everybody is waiting for new Sampler for Logic. And Camel Audio team seems to be nice addition to Logic development team. They have relevant experience with creating sample based synthesizers for desktop and iOS.

So the bad news are that we’ve lost AlchemyMobile but may be there would be good news – new Sampler in Logic with its iOS companion, or better GarageBand.

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