Composing in Cubasis/Magellan and mixing in Auria

Composing in Cubasis/Magellan and mixing in Auria

Cubasis came out with some simple but great features that provide nice integration abilities with external apps. 

In this tutorial we will use Cubasis to compose the track, external synth (Magellan in this case but it can be any synth that supports external midi and AudioCopy like Animoog, Nlog or any other) and Auria to mix and add some nice processing with VSTs plugins.

You can download apps used in this tutorial in Appstore:



Create drum track and bass midi track in Cubasis

Lets start with Cubasis. Cubasis comes with a lot of great instruments and for the beginning we create drum track (I choose standard Electro kit for that). I start not with first bar but with the 4th one because later it will be easier to work with external synth…

Route bass midi sound to Magellan

So for the bass sound we use simple virtual instrument included in Cubasis and I’d like to use external synth for the bass. So choose bass midi track and open MIDI connection tab on the left side. In the MIDI Out field choose “Magellan” (or other synth that you want to use, remember to activate in the synth external midi). 

Also before switching to the synth we need to activate background audio in the Cubasis settings.

Now, loop the track in Cubasis.

Turn down volume of the bass track and switch to the Synth.

Make the sound you like in Magellan (or Animoog or Nlog or any other synth)

Now you should be able to hear the synth playing midi notes you’ve programmed. 

Let’s tweak a sound of the synth to feet our track.

You can change presets or program that sound in the way you like. I usually take a good preset and then tweak until I think the sound is good for the track.

Record with in-synth recorded and paste sound in Cubasis

When you’ll be happy with your bass sound switch back to the Cubasis, turn off looping, play track from the start and switch back to the synth and push record. With external midi clock setting turned on recording should start on the beginning of the bar. Then copy recording from the synth, turn back and paste it on the new audio track in Cubasis.

Add other instruments with great pad-chords tool

Lets now add some nice lead and pads sound. By the way Cubasis comes with great feature that helps with composition. When you open keyboard for virtual instruments you can see the pad tab which gives you nice selection of chords. You can edit chords in the simple interface. 

So we’ve made some simple chords progression for this peace. And for each midi track we have options – use internal midi instruments or to use external synths… 

Make a mixdown by track

Now lets skip other steps and move to the mixing. Cubasis comes with good but pretty simple effects but we may want to use other ones. And for that reason we will move now to Auria. 

What I like in Cubasis is that there is Mixdown by tracks: 

Now lets copy and paste track by track wav files to Auria.

Export tracks to Auria (with Sonoma AudioCopy) 

Choose wav file and press share/AudioCopy. 

Then open Auria and paste file. Do the same with other wav files from mixdown. 

Now you can process your mix with great plugins that comes with Auria.

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