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Cubasis 1.5: Micrologue, New drum kits and New Instrument Browser

Steinberg updated Cubasis to the version 1.5. And as we all expected it comes with Micrologue synth included for free (However Steinberg mentioned that they would like to sell optional instruments as in-app purchases). 


As it’s turned out Micrologue is pretty simple synth. It comes with two analog oscilators with up to 10 voices, noise oscilator and only one LFO without tempo sync functions. With this LFO you can modulate only pitch, cutoff and pulse width for pulse/square waves. 

There are two envelopes: filter and amp envelope and two effects chorus and sync.delay. 


The presets that come with the synth are pretty good and the interface is simple enough to start making your own sounds without reading manual. The overall sound of oscillators and filters has nice analog character. So if you don’t have Cubasis yet it is one more reason to buy it 🙂

New Instruments Browser

In 1.5 all midi instruments now devided between two “Instruments”: Micrologue and Microsonic. 

So now we now that internal Cubasis sampler has its own name ) 

It seems that sound of included instuments (strings, guitars, sampled synths) are still the same but the interface was updated. Now there are pads to trigger sample notes and chords to hear how the patch sounds like. And now there’s visual control of Attack and Release (in all Microsonic instruments there are two changeable parameters).  

New drum sounds

However it is still impossible to upload your own sounds in to the Cubasis sampler, new version comes with several high quality drum kits which is the nice addition to this great update.

And here’s the short demo of new features:


Cubasis - Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


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