Guide to experimental music with iOS by Clif Johnston

Clif Johnston, founder of recording label Apptronica recently released his first book “Drone, Glitch and Noise: Making Experimental Music on iPads and iPhones”.

iOS as a music-making platform has matured a lot over the past few years, and iPads especially are becoming more commonplace in studios and live setups. The public perception has gone from seeing iOS devices as nothing but toys, music-wise, to headlines on the cover of major music publications saying, “Take iOS Seriously”.

For experimental musicians, iOS music is the cutting edge, the frontier to be explored. One of my goals for Drone, Glitch and Noise is to raise awareness of that fact to those experimental musicians who may not be aware of the capabilities of these apps and devices. On the flip-side, I hope to make existing iPad and iPhone users aware that they’re carrying around a serious music studio.

Of course, I also want to offer a valuable resource for existing iOS musicians by providing an introduction to experimental music, and by presenting apps they may not know about, or at least new ways to use the apps they already own. The acceptance and feedback so far has been good, so hopefully the book is proving helpful to folks.” – explains Clif.

I bought it immediately when it appeared in Amazon Kindle Store and I need to say that this book is a must read for all iOS musicians from beginners to professionals. Being one of pioneers of iOS music making Clif is sharing lots of iOS music apps tips and advise.

The book starts with an introduction to experimental music and offers tips for coming up with ideas and avoiding creative blocks. It then moves on to the essential iOS music tools, music production workflows, midi controllers, futuristic synths, noise apps, soundscaping, glitching, effects automation, algorithmic composition, and more.

The book is available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle Store and can be read on Kindle devices or on iPads, iPhones, or computers using free apps available from Amazon and the iTunes App Store. “Drone, Glitch and Noise” is available for purchase for just $2.99 USD, and may be read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

For more information, please visit the book page on Amazon at http://bit.ly/DroneGlitchAndNoise .

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