How to play drums on ipad


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  1. Hello, Drums XD for iPad is a great drumming app for professionals or just regular people. It is fun for passing the time or a serious tool for recording sessions. Drums XD is unlike any other drum app out there. You can play along with your itunes library, record sessions and share them with friends via e-mail or the world via soundcloud, twitter, and facebook. A lot of love went into this app and that is why people write us everyday praising the interface, customization, and endless sound options. I could go on endlessly about how fantastic this app is, but I think you will enjoy it more if you view the videos and play with it. If you would like to write a review, a free download code is available upon request.

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    Feature list, screen shots, link to drums XD in app store, and demonstration video available at http://drumsxd.com

    Here are a few fans who posted their own video using the app on you tube:


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