iOS 8 – what’s new for music apps?

Yesterday Apple introduced new releases of iOS and OS X.

Though a lot of new features have nothing to do with music apps, there are few features that Apple didn’t mentioned and couple of overall improvements that could make iOS music technology more advanced.

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First important thing is iCloud Drive. What is cool is that we can open files in one app directly from another app. For example if you need to open in Cubasis mixdown file from DM1 you don’t need to leave Cubasis anymore. But I suppose iCloud drive file sharing should be supported by the developers before we get benefited from it.


Another interesting feature is app Extensions. This is something that allows one app to extend functionality of other app. During the presentation they showed this feature with the photo processing. But it is interesting what about music? May be we could see some minimized interfaces for IAA apps that could be opened right inside the host (like micrologue synth opens now in Cubasis for example).

What was not mentioned on the presentation is that there are enhancements of Core Audio libraries that now will officially support Bluetooth MIDI. Probably soon we will see new bluetooth midi keyboards.

And also there are some enhancements to the Inter-App Audio technology which are not yet clear but I think soon we will hear details from app developers.

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