iPad Music School – new book from Clif Johnston

“iPad Music School” is the second book in the Apptronica Music App Series, following up on the success of author Clif Johnston’s best-selling title, “Drone, Glitch and Noise”. This new book is targeted toward beginner and intermediate music app users looking for a solid foundation in core iOS music concepts.

“We live in exciting times, with technology that allows us to carry around a virtual studio in our pocket or purse”, says author Clif Johnston. “It’s never been easier or more fun to learn how to create your own songs and share them with your friends, or the whole world.”


iPad Music School starts by showing the reader how to make and share their first song using the popular app Figure. The book then moves on to cover audio file transfer using AudioCopy, recording and file management with AudioShare, and techniques for connecting apps together using Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and virtual MIDI. The hands-on approach guides the reader through each concept using interaction with real apps, such as Sunrizer synth, FunkBox Drum Machine, and Swoopster – Fuzz Flanger Effects Processor.

The book is available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle Store and can be read on Kindle devices or on iPads, iPhones, or computers using free apps available from Amazon and the iTunes App Store. “iPad Music School” is available for purchase for just $3.99 USD, and may be read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

For more information, please visit the book page on Amazon at .

About the Author: Clif Johnston is a Seattle-based writer, experimental artist, and musician with a serious iPad addiction. He has released over 50 albums of experimental electronic music as Mood481, all produced using iPad music apps. He also runs the Apptronica digital label, featuring music from dozens of iOS musicians.


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