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LF1 Monosynth

New virtual analog synth arrived to the AppStore.
As stated from the app name it is MonoSynth with 2 oscillators, LP filter two envelopes and LFO and Moog-style design.



** NEW ** See the LF1 in action over at Synth Anatomy's Youtube channel now:

Experience and create the classic vintage synth sounds with the LF1 Monosynth.

The LF1 Monosynth is a fully featured analogue–modelling synthesiser, featuring:

- 2x vintage–sounding analogue style oscillators with sin, sawtooth and square waveforms and a four octave range. The frequency of the second oscillator can be adjusted by ±7 semitones.

- Analogue–modelled resonant filter with invertible envelope.

- Amplitude envelope.

- LFO with 5 selectable sources (including Sample + Hold), assignable to pitch or filter.

- Glide & glissando controls.

- Pitch bend Wheel with range configurable up to ± 1 octave.

- Support for external MIDI devices via MIDI port accessories or WI-Fi.

- Inter-App Audio support

- Improved audio engine

- Virtual MIDI support – use the other MIDI apps on your device to control the LF1

- 100 user–preset locations.

- Online user guide available from settings menu.

- Undo

- NEW! Audiobus support with State Saving.
Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information.

The LF1 is ideal for lovers of classic synths, or for beginners looking to get a taste of analogue synthesis. This app is packed with vintage mojo and ready to go.
Upgrade to latest Audiobus SDK.
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