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Lofionic Duplicat – AU-compatible vintage delay

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Lofionic Duplicat is a warm and lush tape delay effect for iOS, supporting AudioUnit Extensions, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

In addition to the Swell and Sustain controls found on the hardware equivalents, Duplicat introduces a tape Speed control, for fine tuning the rate of delay in realtime, and a tape Effect control which emulates the deteriorating effect of using worn tape by gradually introducing degradation to the feedback.

Duplicat is perfect for adding lush, organic sounding delay to your mixes ranging from trashy lo-fi grungy tones, through psychadelic swirls, to subtle slap-back.

*** V1.2 now available with support for landscape orientation! ***

Be sure to check out this video of Duplicat in action, courtesy of thesoundtestroom:

'...the sounding of this new effect is excellent.' Synth Anatomy

'an amazing effect with a great sound' iPad App Cafe
- Improved UI performance when used as AudioUnit
- Improved state staving / restoring when used as AudioUnit
- More dynamic, realistic realtime output when adjusting tape speed control
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