Logic Remote for iPad controlling Logic X video demo

For the last couple of years thousands of Logic pro users were waiting for the Logic X – new version of Apple’s DAW. And Today Logic X was introduced. One of the key features of the new version is ability to control it with the specially designed Logic Remote app.
With Logic remote you can play on the software instruments (that are included in Logic like EXS24, ES2, Sculptor, new Drummer etc. as well as with third party plugins). The interface is similar to GarageBand for iPad and for each instrument you can play with piano keys (chromatic or setup specific scale and key), guitar layout, chords layout and pads. For Drummer instrument also drums-layout is available.
Though it connects via WiFi it works better (faster) then other midi controllers that give some latency.
Logic Remote also comes with mixer and key commands page which is handy for transport control, zoom in, zoom out and other frequent operations.
See this video with main features of Logic Remote:

Logic X:

Logic Pro X - Apple

Logic Remote for iPad:

Logic Remote - Apple


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