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Oscilab is a new sequencer app which is based on unusual approach to generate sounds – it uses waves to generate notes and modulate parameters like filter cutoff, volume and panning. 

You have 6 slots for drums, synths and/or sample-based instruments (so far you can’t use your samples). 

Real fun starts when you open sequencer for synth/sampler. You have the wave on the piano roll that create notes (of course you can specify the scale). Form of wave and note length can be changed by changing the form of the wave. Immediately you’ve got interesting sequence that you can change while it is playing. 

I found this app pretty easy to use, you don’t need to spend hours to learn… but there are few things that we expect from developers in the next release – these are Audiobus and IAA support and possibility to upload your own samples.

See this app in Action:



Amazing groovebox that gives you an hypnotising music-making experience. It's an innovative step-sequencer and MIDI controller that lets you make unique loops and melodies. You don't have to be musical to get up and running - just randomly pinch and swipe away until something catches your ear, but also there are plenty of advanced synthesis features here too for the savvy musician.

The app is easy to pick up, it is fun to sketch out ideas. You can play for hours but also produce high quality tracks of any music style within minutes. Check the support page ( to see a 2 minute video, watch and hear for yourself what's it all about.

Key features:
• 28 wave shapers: controlling frequency, filter cutoff, amplitude and pan on all the channels.
• 6 Channel mixer, with 2 FX channels.
• Live XY pads: 6 pads to tweak the frequency and cutoff of the generated patterns in real time.
• Drum Machine with 15 high-quality drumkits.
• Analog Synth with two oscillators, featuring ring modulation, frequency modulation and ADSR control.
• 36 high-quality sampled instruments.
• Global harmonic control: change all the arpeggiators tune settings from a single place.
• MIDI support: control other apps and devices, mapping individual channels to different destinations. Use waves to control notes, velocity and custom CC messages. Also supports MIDI-clock sync, sending and receiving start, stop and tempo changes.
• Record and upload your mixdowns to SoundCloud, Dropbox or other installed apps.
• Supports Audiobus, IAA, Audiocopy, Audioshare and Background-audio.
• Universal App: Oscilab runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.
Fixed file menu on iOS 10
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