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NOISE is a free app that makes music mobile, so you can sketch musical ideas anywhere you take your connected device. Using easy-to-learn gestures you’ll create beats, melodies, and songs with a diverse library of sounds — all on the touch screen of your phone or tablet. Extend the musical power of NOISE by pairing it with ROLI BLOCKS devices.

A glass surface becomes unbelievably musical with NOISE, which lets you make and shape sounds by drumming the screen, gliding your fingers along it, pressing into it, and lifting off. You create music through intuitive gestures on a series of easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Not only can you perform music with NOISE. You can also produce. Start by choosing from custom-made sounds that range from to string sections to crunchy hip hop basses. Record basslines and melodies as loops of varying lengths. Mix and match your loops to build amazingly multi-layered songs — all within the app. Then export your project to desktop studio software and refine your musical idea further.

The ever-growing library of NOISE sounds include powerful percussion, sparkly synths, magic flutes, head-banging guitar leads, rousing orchestrals, and stunningly life-like acoustic strings and brass. World-renowned artists like Pharrell, Grimes, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Aoki, and Rudimental have also created customized packs of their signature sounds. 35 sounds are completely free, and hundreds more are available through in-app purchases.

The power of NOISE expands when you connect to ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music-making system. Pairing wirelessly, NOISE becomes the sound engine for the Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block controllers. Apply the musical gestures you’ve learned in NOISE to the pressure-responsive silicone surfaces of BLOCKS — and be even more expressive. Watch films and learn more about BLOCKS on

Minimum Requirements:
• Phone 6 or higher
• iPhone SE
• iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro
• iPod Touch 6th Gen
• iOS 9 or higher
NOISE 3.1 introduces some exciting new features and fixes to the loop recording and playback in NOISE!

• Overdubbing — You can now build up beats and harmonies by overdubbing over an existing recorded loop. Just hit the record button again to start building up layers on a clip
• Cue and Record Loop Length — Go to the new settings page in the song view to adjust both the Cue Length (the timing clips can be launched) and the Record length (the global length any new clips will record for)
• Ableton Link — Also in the new settings page you can enable Link to sync with other apps
• Ableton Live Export — Now easier to share and export audio loops from your projects, as well as exporting Ableton Live Sets direct from NOISE

Additional fixes and improvements:
• Added Tool Tips to the Project view to help first time creators navigate the app
• Fixed bug where recorded clips (most noticeably on Groove Kits) played back incorrectly the first time around
• Smoothed Tempo Changes and now accurately show tempo
• Click is now enabled when first recording
• Reduced memory spikes when loading SWAM sounds
• Fixed issue with 5D settings not updating correctly
• Fixed crash when exporting a project with multiple SWAM instruments
• Fixed bug where Undo button undoes multiple clips
• Now support brighter Lightpad Block displays introduced in latest firmware (please make sure to update your firmware to make the most of this!)

We would love your feedback and are also here to help! If you have any questions, comments or problems, please check out If you are enjoying your experience using NOISE we would really appreciate you rating it on the App store!

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