rsTouch pro updated for Reason 8

Delora software released a new version of rsTouch Pro that contains a number of usability improvements, plus support for the PropellerHead REs released since our last update, including the new Reason 8 Softube amps. Some highlights for this release:

1. Multi-iPad SSL control. You can set up each iPad to control a different set of eight SSL mixer channels. For example iPad 1 controlling the first 8 channels, iPad 2 controlling the second set of 8 channels.

2. Ganged mixer level faders. You can create an impromptu group of channels within the 8 showing. Moving the level fader on one fader changes the others by the same distance.

3. New long mixer channel fader. A new panel has been added to the Main Mixer that lengthens each mixer channel’s level fader.

4. Drum pads now have a 16 level mode.

5. iOS multitasking support.

The newly added REs are:

A-List Acoustic Guitarist

A-List Electric Guitarist


Reason 8 Softube Amp

Reason 8 Softube Bass Amp

rsTouch Pro offers full control of Reason’s SSL Mixer and transport functions. Edit send effects, insert parameters, and EQ settings, as well as adjust channel, pan and dynamics levels. A dedicated Master screen allows full adjustments of Reason’s Main Mixer Master section. The Device page provides a gateway to controlling over 50 Reason instruments, effects, and Rack Extensions. A Performance page provides convenient keyboard and drum pad layouts to play Reason synths and drum machines, or to record into a sequencer track.

rsTouch Pro for Reason App Store $19.99

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