Tape Emulation with KORG Gadget Zurich

After getting Korg Gadget for MacOS I was wondering what’s the reason of having Korg Zurich device as AU/VST plugin… if it does just audio recording in Korg Gadget – it doesn’t make much sense having it as the plugin…
So I’ve made some tests and found that even when its effects section is bypassed – it adds compression and saturation to the sound.

Here’s short video showing series of odd-ordered harmonics (typical for tape saturation) added and a low-frequency boost (which is also typical for some tapes).

1. Even when effects slot is empty – it still changes the sound.
2. It does nice saturation so it makes sense to freeze other tracks and import it as audio to the Zurich device – it saves CPU and adds nice vibe to the sound.
3. If you need clean reproduction of your audio material Zurich might not be your best option.

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