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Trap Studio for iOS is released




Have the power of Trap Music creation in your pocket. Trap Studio allows you to easily create, record and share multi-track trap music. Trap Studio is intuitive enough to start using with no prior knowledge of music production.

Listen to demo tracks and videos at

"Trap Studio is simple enough for any beginner to pick up, but powerful enough for a professional to use"
4.5/5 -

"Trap Studio is easy to use and powerful." -

"Amazing" 9/10 -

Selected content from Prime Loops sound libraries are included in the app:
» Ultimate Trap Producer
» EDM Essentials - Trap
» The Art Of Trap
» The Art Of Trap 2
» Trap Squad
» ATL Starrz
» Trap Addictz
» Trap Attack
» Twerk Zone
» Trap Synths

Key Features:
» Digital Audio Workstation
You can layout your entire song on a timeline with the ability to trim, loop and add effects to each track.

» Unlimited tracks
Use as many tracks from the Synthersizer or samples as you wish.

» BPM detection
Adjusting the tempo displays the track’s current BPM.
Track length and waveform is automatically calculated upon BPM adjustment.

» Over 350 Samples
Including Drums, Bass, Synth & SFX provided by Award winning sound library specialists, Prime Loops.

» Dropbox integration
You can now import your own samples direct from Dropbox.

» Create Samples
Use the built in dual OSC Synthesizer to achieve a unique sound. With Volume and filter Envelope generators, 5 octave Arpeggio and Modulation, you are sure to create the right sound for your project

» Apply effects to each track.
Effects include Reverb, Chorus, Garble, Distortion, Echo, Compressor, Flanger and ParamEQ. These effects can be previewed live as you apply them.

» Metronome support
Use a click track on both recording and the synthesizer. Beats per minute and beats displayed are adjustable.

» Save / load projects.
You can save multiple songs and work on them all at anytime

» Record your songs on any device.
No microphone is required so no background noise. Just clear high quality audio.

» Share your saved tracks
You can upload to SoundCloud or any third party app capable of audio sharing. You can also email your tracks.

» Preview solo track
This allows you to hear effects / Volume / pitch adjustments live as you add them to a selected track

» .Wav Files
Choose to download uncompressed .wav files of all the audio in the app for supreme quality.

» Full documentation
Scratching your head? No worries. At any time you can view the documentation.
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